Shine bright like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond, shine! Monday quote

Remember to always shine bright like a diamond!

Shine bright like a diamond

And another week flew by…a nice welcome home, sunny weather, meetings outside, jetlag kind of week. 

This is my first wordpress post from my iPhone. So I won’t make it too long. Happy though that it is finally possible with the editor. (***UPDATE*** it works terrible so I don’t recommend blogging wp with your iPhone…)

This weekend I ran my first 5k at ‘de rokjes dagloop’. We joined with a team of 6 ‘Kattukse Skone’ and raised €1000 for the MS research foundation. Thank you for your donations and all the support in: nice comments, emails and even phone calls. It means a lot to me.

Shine bright like a diamond

You can read more about why I ran here.

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