Eef photography | Blog | show your true colors #quote

Monday morning quote ~ don’t be afraid show your true colors

Eef photography | Blog | show your true colors #quote

Here is another Monday morning quote. My week in Curacao flew by. I did portrait shoots for DUCAT and photographed their amazing office. I had a super fun shoot with Helmi of Thelma & Louise Wildcooking for a new adventure she is about begin. And I photographed an amazing wedding on the beach.

This week I am super busy with the final design of the Veggiekidz cookbook. I love it how all comes together, how it is turning into a real book. I’ll try to post an update of the portrait shoots and wedding pictures later this week. Then you all know why I love Curacao sooo much. What an amazing colors they have there. And even better the best SUNSHINE & light.

Show your true colors

That brings me back to this peacock I photographed for our Curacao Banda Abou book. I had to wait a while but in the end (Kristel had already gone back to the car) she showed me her true colors and I loved it. I took one picture and then my CF card was full….I had to get back to the car to get another card. The peacock waited for me and with my new card in my camera I shot this picture.

Have a great week and don’t be afraid to show your true colors!

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